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A dream vacation

One of the goals we urge you to ask yourself is the choice of annual or seasonal vacation. We want to see you relaxed, happy and fulfilled. A man who experiences these emotions in his life is a man able to collaborate, communicate and pass on what he feels. Another aspect that we consider important regarding your holiday abroad is broadening horizons, gaining new experiences, knowing new people, which will also provide the opportunity to open new topics for conversation with your customers.

Vacanta ta cu Rich Girls Studio Bucuresti

Relaxare impreuna cu Rich Girls Studio Bucuresti

We recommend holidays in exotic places, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, Bali, Bora Bora, or, why not, a Safari in Africa. Paris is a place you catalog the location as a ‘’must see’’. We may propose cruises around the world on the Mediterranean with yacht trips or a month in America. Maybe now all seems like a fantasy, but once you start to work for us, the Rich Girls studio, you will understand very quickly that the possibilities of going in these vacations are growing. Finally, you’ll go on your first holiday, whether you go alone, with friends or video chat colleagues. We will remain here, waiting for you to come back and tell us your impressions, show your pictures and tell us that everything was great and that you felt extraordinary. We will wait for you to tell us the experience you went through and what motivated you to work more and more, to be more interested in your job and to already start planning your next vacation.

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