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When you feel you have evolved in the Rich Girls Studio, when the video chat is for you and that you learned all the tricks in the job, you will start to think ahead how to develop yourself more. We have known models who did not give up, who were not capping and who found new ways to move forward. Many of these methods are available to you by Rich Girls Studio. We are talking about you image, your appearance. Even if the video chat room lights can hide your imperfections, at one time, they can make a difference in terms of professional development and attract more customers.
Plastic surgery are now in fashion and easy to do. You must have a certain imperfection that you want to change at you. Whether it’s the nose, lips, breasts, wrinkles, we offer you a new opportunity to see your dreams come true. With the help of plastic surgery you will correct these imperfections, thus opening the door for new opportunities in your career. It remains to establish whether your smile needs improvement or not.

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The partnerships we have with some dental offices allow us to offer you the opportunity to fix some problems, to whiten your teeth or to straighten them. We offer this benefit because your smile is essential in the studio.
With us you will discover how important is the image that you have, the elegance that you show, the style you embrace and your verbal tics. We provide the means to display your best qualities, and why not, to discover the qualities that you did not think you had. You will be able to make your semi-permanent makeup, get your nails done and make if you consider necessary changes of look. If you do not want to be recognized, we will help you change some certain traits, to dye your hair, keeping thus a higher level of confidentiality.

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