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Testimonials about being hired at Rich Girls Studio Videochat Bucuresti

Rich Girls Studio fullfilled my dreams

“ I talked with a lot of people before coming in at Rich Girls. Since this was my first job I`ve wanted to feel a good vibe, relaxing and calming and I wanted to have nice colleagues. I was scared because of what I`ve had heard from friends and acquaintances. They were working for private companies or state companies. They told me that they had terrible bosses and that they are working in terrible conditions, they were not satisfied with their incomes, they did extra hours without being paid. I was really scared and I didn`t know what to do. I was thinking at some point to leave the country, then I found the employment add for Rich Girls studio. I think I was lucky to end up here because here is the opposite of everything I`ve had heard up until then. Is been already two years since I`m a part of Rich Girls and I can say that I evolved in an incredible manner. I learned how to talk, how to dress, how to use makeup. I was in holidays and I was able to be financially independent. I can say that I found the ideal job and for the moment I don`t need anything else. Rich Girls studio helped me fulfill a lot of dreams.„ I recommend you to apply now!     

Maria Loredana Model Rich Girls helped me to fulfill my dreams

Maria Loredana

Working at the studio makes me more optimistic

“ I like to remember that one year ago I was earning 200 dollars as a seller is a grocer`s shop. I can`t believe what an evolution I had and how much help I`ve got from Rich Girls. Working at videochat is nice, relaxing and full of experiences. Now I earn over 1000 dollars per month and I know I could make more. I`m telling my story to everyone and everywhere. I`m proud of what I accomplished in the last year and I wish to obtain more. I still didn`t managed to get on a holiday although I`ve planned it for a while. I`m thinking about an apartment and I`ve already disused with someone to bring me a cheaper car from Germany. I`m very excited and I can`t wait to have my own car ,come with it at the studio. It is a nice feeling and I hope every woman could live this experience. I`m 27 years old and I feel reborn.„ I recommend you to apply now!     

Ramona Florentina Model Working at the studio makes me more optimistic

Ramona Florentina

Rich Girls Studio changed my life for the better!

“ I was one of those many people who made a 30 years bank credit for a simple 2 rooms apartment near Bucharest. I took the credit in Swiss francs and I believe you know after a while the rate was double. There was a difficult time for me because I was working just to pay for the flat rates. I could not sell it, so I felt I got stuck. I did not know what to do and how to get out of this situation. I worked all day, I had taken projects that occupied all the time, but I felt that if I keep going, my life would revolve around that credit. Now, when I look back, I think I found the biggest opportunity of my life when I heard about a videochat studio. At first I was a little thoughtful, frightened by what is in a videochat studio, but in the end, I took my courage and came to Rich Girls. The colleagues who have encountered then were very nice, all were so relaxed and talked so nice to me that I loved from the first moment. I start working and saw that everything is spoken on the street about videochat are, as I like to call them urban myths. I started to earn well and now I manage to pay my credit in advance, I think I have only a few years left to finish it and I`m able to live more than decently. It's incredible what happened to me, Rich Girls studio changed my life.„ I recommend you to apply too!    

Raluca Cirstea Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat changed my life for the better

Raluca Cirstea

What happens in a studio does not appear in Romania

“ I wanted to have my money during college, but also wanted to have time to prepare for exams and seminars. I hate to miss classes and I feel very easy to retain what is taught. I am a student and I finished the second year at Psychology with 9,50. Although I have a scholarship, I thought it would not hurt to explore some more possibilities. Because I did not want to work like the rest of my colleagues, in a supermarket, and especially because my parents did not even want to hear that I start working, I turned my attention towards a job which nobody knows a lot. I only knew that what happens in a videochat studio does not appear in Romania, which increased my confidence in this job. When I heard I can have time off during the exams and I can work in shifts I was super excited. Then when I start working I realized how much this can help me in all communication relations to make analysis and profiles of the people I know every day. I have the opportunity to use what I learn in college to take conversations in the direction I want. To me this is just as important as job confidentiality and the need for a consistent income.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Alina Diana Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat What happens in a studio does not appear in Romania

Alina Diana

Rich Girls Studio ensures confidentiality and a steady income

“ I am a person without too many inhibitions, but even so I reached this age, and I began to realize that something was not working well. I wan not on a vacation for a long time, and when I walked through the mall, I could only watch the showcases with shoes, dresses and handbags. Besides that I have a child, I am divorced and my former husband "forget" frequently to pay the alimony. I think I can say about myself that I represent the woman in Romania who reached that age in this situation. Almost I am getting used to my life. But I saw an article on the internet about how wrong is to work in a videochat studio and how bad is interpreted by the Romanian. I can tell you that everyone thinks is wrong if you work in a videochat studio but it is not. I dressed in the finest clothes I had and came to the interview. I saw Rich Girls is the studio that offers jobs to women like me who passed 35 years old. I am very pleased that I made that step. Now I have a beautiful life, I just came from vacation with my child, and I had the courage to wear nicer clothes than before. Men began to turn their look on the street after me, which gave me back my self-confidence. I also have a relationship that goes well, I am financially independent and do not depend on anyone for anything. I am happy at home ,I am happy at work. I also want to say that of all the jobs I've had, and I had quite a few, this is by far the most fun, most relaxing and most professional place I`ve ever been. People behave very well with me, managers were always there for me and helped me to evolve. I do not think I `ll do anything from now on and hope to succeed as much as I stay in Rich Girls studio.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Corina Rus Model Rich Girls Studio ensures confidentiality and a steady income

Corina Rus

The managers were always there for me and helped me to evolve

“ I`m 21 years old and I work for more than one year at Rich Girls studio. I came in Bucharest to college, but in a short while I realized that college is not right for me .I just couldn`t adapt. I was ashamed to tell my parents I quitted so I found a job as a hairdresser. There I interacted with my current colleague first time ,she came every two weeks and she liked me. I became curious about her and the job that she had, because I saw her very relaxed, very nice arranged and dressed all the time. We started talking, and I finally asked her what she does. She looked in the mirror at me, smiled and told me that she is working in a videochat studio. She saw on my face that I was speechless, because she started laughing immediately. But then I became curious and we started talking. She even told me that she receives a bonus if she brings someone to an interview and that person is hired. After that discussion with her, I sat thinking… I wanted to be like her…to dress as beautiful as she was…have holidays.. and my favorite hairdresser. That made me talk to her and ask her to recommend me to the studio. After a few days I was here and I never left. It is an exciting job, I am very pleased with what happened to me and now I really do not care at all that I never graduated college. I have may friends here, I`m glad that I`m paid by my performances and I can have a flexible schedule. I also have a social life beside this job, I have a boyfriend, we hang out together, having fun, many beautiful holidays here and abroad. I really like how things turned good to me and that I end up being here at the studio.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Ana Iulia Marina Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat The managers were always there for me and helped me to evolve

Ana Iulia Marina

There are many studios like that in Bucharest but I feel lucky to work at Rich Girls

“ I was not expecting such a commitment from the Rich Girls team in my evolution. They helped me from the beginning. They gave me advices, they listened and I felt them close to me. I felt like I was part of a family. Then the trainings started and was seeing how the experienced models offered their help to understand what needs to be done in order for us to grow our income. There was a time when I thought I couldn`t handle it, that I don’t have what it takes to be a videochat model, but everyone stood by me and helped me to go on .I would like to thank them for everything what they did to me and tell them that I`ll do the same. For me it was very important to increase my performances. At the beginning I neglected my duties because I was not sure that this is what I really wanted to do but after I`ve been introduced to this field I`ve started to enjoy it. This way I worked a little bit harder and improved myself. I used everything that the studio had to offer: solar, hair, makeup and manicure, but also trainers. Using these aspects in my advantage I have managed to develop myself in every single way. When I realized that I was capable of earning 1000$, I worked even harder and I wanted more. I earn a lot more than that and now I have set a new goal. I am not sharing that with you guys yet, because I am very superstitious about these kinds of situations. After I will reach my goal, I will share it with you guys. But, I can tell you that is video chat related and is to Rich Girls. I am almost there!„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Simona Elena Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat where I feel lucky to work

Simona Elena

It is possible to earn over 1000$, I earned that amount of money

“ I am very proud of what I have accomplished outside of work but with it`s help. I work for three years in this field and from the beginning I managed to earn over 1000 dollars. Since then I raised my income. Now I afforded a house outside Bucharest, but I have a pool. Of course I couldn`t get a house without a credit but I took care to have it on a short term and to pay it as soon as possible. You may wonder how do I know such many things about banks, I had the best consultancies Rich Girls colleagues. I got help and best advices .I afforded to buy my dream home, the one I couldn`t dare to dream few years ago. Now I have a swimming pool and I`m very happy. Again I couldn`t do it without my friends and I couldn`t get credit without help or a stable income. Yes I get money twice a month with no delay so I could get the credit. Working here is interesting and full of challenges. I learnt to communicate ,to smile ,to look fresh and being nice dressed. I don`t think I could do something else and I don`t wish too. I`m young and I`m offered an enormous chance to succeed and I want to take it. I put passion in what I do and I like to give my best. This is the reason that makes me have good performances and big earnings. I am proud of myself and happy to be part of Rich Girls studio who gave me this chance.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Alexandra Ioana Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat earn over 1000$

Alexandra Ioana

I work in videochat for 3 years

“ I came In Bucharest from a village that no one knew. We didn`t have money and my folks couldn`t afford to keep me in college. I didn’t manage to get into the budget classes which it meant I had to work. my parents stood by me all the time even they couldn`t help me with money, they did send me some packages or they were talking with me on the phone. I felt many times that they were sorry they couldn`t do more for me. That moment I`ve decided I need to do more. Before arriving in this studio I`ve lived many bad experiences and failures. I even tried having my own business but without success , I wasn`t ready for that. I start working at the studio and in my first month I earned 1450 dollars. I couldn`t believe for me it was like a dream. I`ve sent home half of my money, my parents called me to ask what I`ve done, where the money came from. They thought the worse thing happened... I told them that I`ve found "the job" - perfect job where I can be myself, work as I want, how I want and increase my income monthly. They felt I was happy and never insisted on the subject. Now I`m glad I can help them every month. The money earned here, made me happy and gave me back my trust. I went back to college, I do sport and I can take care of myself and my family. I don`t think I`ll ever change this job and I hope I can find someone who can understand me and start a family with.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Silvia Ionita Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat model for three years now

Silvia Ionita

I receive my salary twice a month without delay

“ My parents didn`t agree with my new job, but this didn`t stop me to work as a videochat model. I had long talks with them about this. I came from a good family, we never had financial problems. But I`ve wanted to be independent and I`ve heard that in a studio I could earn as much as I used to have all the time from my folks or even more. I`ve told them that they got this all wrong, all the ideas about this job, I`ve tried to explain that I don`t want to depend of them all the time. One day I took my mom and we both came at the studio. From that moment this subject was closed. I`m happy here, I can express myself as I desire, dress nicely, communicate well-I always talk much. Because I have received a solid education at home and i went to the best schools in Bucharest, I know many things I speak fluently English, I can entertain a conversation for a long time. Rich Girls Studio is the place where I`ve learned to discover myself in many ways. I wish to thank to my colleagues, trainers who stood by me all the time, with the best advices and solutions.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Gabriela Molea Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat I receive my salary twice a month without delay

Gabriela Molea

I found the job that allows me to feel good about myself

“ The story of my coming to Rich Girls is pretty funny. I was a student and I worked in a bar every night. One night a foreign customer started talking with me telling me all kind of jokes. He didn`t know Romanian, I didn`t know English. Finally when he saw I couldn`t understand he paid someone in the bar to translate for us .His jokes were pretty funny and I laughed a lot. He said that this kind of smile must be used some other place not in a bar. I liked what he said but the next day all was forgotten. However a strange thing happened in the same day, a colleague came to ask me what do I think if she will want to work in a videochat studio. I asked how she got there having an interview. She told me that a man saw her laugh and he told her that with a smile like that she could earn thousands of dollars per month in a videochat studio. I didn`t think twice and we both went to the studio for a meeting. I remember that at our first discussion here at the studio I`ve been told that I could manage with a little English and that I can learn on the process. I was nervous I didn`t know what to do all I knew was that I have to smile. But the colleagues and trainers stood by me, told me what to do. I believe I had some luck too with some understanding people who knew my English was not good. Now look at me after 2 years happy and ready to smile all the time. My English is good now, I may say excellent I don`t have any problems with a conversation. The most important thing is that I`m happy and I do what I like.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Georgiana Maria Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat I found the job that allows me to feel good about myself

Georgiana Maria

Rich Girls studio is the place where I discovered myself

“ When I first heard of videochat I talked with my boyfriend because I needed a job where I could earn some extra money. Then he came with the idea that he could also do it. We both came here but only I was accepted. He didn`t agree and he didn`t want to let me work. We had a fight, I cried because I`ve wanted to work at Rich Girls. I`ve decided to come, without him knowing that. He found out and again we had a fight. Trainers advised me to take him again at the studio to show him around, to make him understand how really is here. He came, he saw everything...but he was very quiet. I was nervous and angry about all this. We went to have a coffee in the recreation room and he start talking, he said he is sorry that he didn`t trusted me. I was relieved. Now we are married , we moved to a new apartment and we are thinking about the next city-break we`ll have. Working at the studio changed my life and made me understand that in life some decisions are difficult and hard to make, but necessary. I have a lot of friends here and we hang out often. We are a big family and I feel great. I would advise anyone to make this step.„ I recommend you to apply too!     

Mihaela Adriana Model Rich Girls Studio Videochat Rich Girls studio is the place where I discovered myself

Mihaela Adriana

Rich Girls
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