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Salariu 1000$ cu Rich Girls Studio

If you have decided to apply for a job at Rich Girls Studio, you have already found out that we are a company which respects its obligations to its employees. Videochat is an activity that must be done with a smile. This is one of the reasons why we want to have around us people who are happy, satisfied and fulfilled. If you work for us, not only will you receive your income on time, but you will also benefit of substantial gains. When you get to have your own house, the car that you desire, money that will allow you to go on exotic vacations, you will feel really happy.

Your performance at Rich Girls Studio will form the basis of determining the percentage of revenues allocated. This means that if you have excellent performance, you can earn up to 80% of the revenues, while a lower performance will bring you around 50% of the revenues. As you can see, everything depends on you and your desire to work and to do your best. You will receive these percentages regularly, twice a month. You can thus rely on a sum of money in your account on the same days of the month.
You also need to know that, at first, until you manage to get comfortable with the city, the new rent and living expenses, we wish to help by paying you at the end of each day for two weeks. This means that at the end of the working day, according to the receipts that you have had, you will get your money representing a percentage of those receipts. *

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