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Rich Girls - Rebranding

10 October, 10th, 2014 76 views

Rebranding Rich Girls Studio Videochat Bucuresti

We are here with you for 11 years.

From now on we have a new name that represent us: Rich Girls.

Just like you are or you want to be. Just how we would help you to be!

What is Rich Girls?
This is the possibility for you to have everything you want: a pleasant job, a fantastic team, discretion and possibility to win more that you`ll ever dream.

Why Rich Girls?
Because when we started the challenge of rebranding we talked with our models and we asked them: what does the studio means for you? Why do you like working with us? What is the right name for us?

Their responses showed us that the pleasure of coming to work and the possibility of earning a lot of money by having fun are the reasons of working with us for more than 11 years and Rich Girls was the name they wanted because it represent them.

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