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Performance is rewarded at Rich Girls Studio

Imagini cu bonusurile de performanta oferite de Rich Girls Studio videochat

From the moment you have passed the threshold of our studio, we will be able to see the best and the most beautiful that is in you. You will be taken over by the trainers and the rest of the team, so that you can start your road to success and achieve your dreams. But first, we see in you a motivated person who feels fulfilled when able to satisfy her wishes and achieve her ideals. Rich Girls Studio is ready to offer you the best rewards, provided you, in your turn, reward us with excellent performance. We do not impose a target, but we offer a performance bonus if you manage to overcome a certain amount of revenue. When we calculate your performance bonus we refer to the previous week, having in mind the following week when we offer it to you. We think that this bonus will motivate you to be better, smile more, attract more customers and grow revenue by default. We also refer to the last month receipts, which means that you will also have a monthly stimulation. Taking into account the loyalty bonus, you can see that it is possible for you to cash a weekly bonus, monthly bonus and an annual bonus. All this in addition to your income received regularly.

VVideochat work is beautiful and full of challenges, one of the challenges being the steady growth of the performance bonus. We are always there for you, to assist you and help you when needed, and our trainers will work with you to increase your revenue and to help you have the best performance. Obviously, in order to have the performance we are talking about, you will need to establish your own target, trying to respect it and develop yourself constantly. Without your 100 % participation, revenue growth will not be possible, that is, you will not be able to access the performance bonus.
To conclude, and to put it more directly, we can say that this is a win-win situation. As long as you are commited and interested to develop yourself, you 'll get a proportional performance bonus, while for us, your performance means increased revenue.

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