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We differentiate ourselves from the other wideochat studios, because we don`t have an age limit. We have prepared intensively for this market, analyzing it for 14 years, which is why we managed to offer what is required here and we also managed to create the perfect environment for attracting new customers. We had many requests for conversations with people that are over 35 years old, that made us look for this kind of service, so if you want and you believe you can handle things with us, we wait you for a discussion.
Our activity can be a great alternative for you, especially if your appearance is a nice, neat and charismatic. We expect you to have a sufficiently developed communication skills, have knowledge of English and know how to make a conversation. If you are able to get rid of inhibitions and if you feel very easy to interact with new people, then working here should not be difficult. You can earn enough money to support you and your family, the kids, to allow you to have fancy clothes and a lifestyle that you always missed. Did you forget what it means to go out in a club, make yourself a provocative hairstyle and makeup and above all that you have a nice body? Rich Girls studio wish to remind you all those aspects and wants to increase your life quality.

Our job offer is stable, it needs to be seriously treated,it needs involvment for great performances. Is easily accessible, it is in an office building without light signals out and has very high degree of confidentiality,you should not be worried that your kid`s colleagues can find out that you work at Rich Girls studio. We don`t believe that working with us is a bad thing but we are aware that the perception of people can be different regarding the communication activities and services we offer.

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