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RICH GIRLS STUDIO also has a Non-adult division. Working as a video chat model means that you will work in a nice environment that is also calm and beautiful. This ambient can create a perfect atmosphere for hours of discussions. There are many people in this world that would like to build online relationships and you will have the possibility to become their best friend and to become their best adviser. Since you are working in the non-adult section, you won’t have to take nude pictures or to be naked in front of the computer. These aspects are strictly forbidden. We are recommending you to start your experience in this section at RICH GIRLS Studio, especially if you are have some inhibitions, if you are a little bit shy or timid. This is an excellent way to get to know this field better. In In the Non-adult division you will be able to experiment and interact with a lot of people that want to talk openly, to communicate and with those who want to make friends. Still, in order to work in this division, you need to speak very good English, to be open-minded, sociable and happy. You will need to know how to start a conversation and also how to guide it throughout. You will get to know the other person, what things do you guys have in common: things that you both enjoy doing, maybe common pleasures.

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