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Rich Girls offers loyalty bonus

Loyalty is a key aspect for us. We believe that a company which has a business model and a good, healthy management is a company in which staff movements are kept to minimum levels. When you're thinking of applying for a job in the videochat studio, we believe you took your time thinking things over. However, such a possibility may occur, when you start working and you soon realize that it is not what you wanted, or you fail to cope. Should this happen, you have to remember that your trainers are near you, those girls whose role is to guide your steps in this beautiful job.
As it is the case with your earnings, the loyalty bonus is also awarded based on the results you have had during the year, which may imply substantial increase from one year to another. In your third year with Rich Girls Studio, you'll certainly be surprised by the level of the loyalty bonus. We want to see you smile and and see you happy!

Bonus de fidelitate la Rich Girls Studio

With With each passing year, Rich Girls Studio wants to express their gratitude to you and to everything that your activity in our company means. We will do this through the loyalty bonus, awarded annually to those girls who have chosen to work with us for longer periods of time. This bonus, hopefully, will offer you a much greater motivation to remain with Rich Girls Studio.

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