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Video chat job 100% legal – RICH GIRLS STUDIO BUCHAREST

Are you looking for quite some time for the job that you imagine and desire, but it is pretty difficult to accept our challenge? We think that you may have heard from various sources that the possibility of applying for a job in video chat may have many forms, generally illegal, but also fair and honest. Well, we want to show you that everything is perfectly legal. You will have a solid and legal labor contract, through which all your taxes and contributions to the states are paid; this also includes your health insurance fund.
We rely, above all, on transparency, that is why you will be able to talk with us about any issue, because you will find here trained personnel that will provide for you answer to any question you may have. We are searching girls that want to be involved in a work schedule and to be outstanding in their field. We want the girl to be satisfied with our work conditions. In order to accomplish that we want to show you, during the interview and, after this stage as well, that RICH GIRLS is a strong, serious and a reliable company that can handle you.
In our studio you will have your earnings on a set date, without delays, in a transparent way. Through transparent we mean that from the moment you start working, you will also have clients, you will also be able to control commissions and earnings in due time. For you it is essential to have a control over the working hours and over your earnings and, for us, it is essential that you are motivated so we could have a rightful relationship.

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Rich Girls Studio video chat Bucuresti job 100% legal cu contract de munca