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Holidays and gifts

The next step in terms of the attention we pay you is the holidays bonus. A bonus offered on Christmas is ideal if you want to do a lot of gifts to family, friends, people who are dear to you. Most times you will be the one who will receive gifts from us. It is our way. This is how we are. We feel that our business works if we see on your faces smiles of satisfaction and happiness. Whether it is Christmas, or Easter, or Palm Sunday, all these holidays mean quality time spent with your family and your beloved ones. We offer you the opportunity to be part of that quality of life that should give you a chance to get feedback from the people around you and to enable you to do good things for others.

Bonusuri si cadouri de sarbatori oferite de Rich Girls Studio Bucuresti

All bonuses offered in these periods are in the holiday spirit and obviously motivating. We consult specialists in order to achieve the perfect setting for you to operate in, and we recognize that we do this to give you the opportunity to develop yourself constantly, freely and at a high quality level. Your performance will determine the bonuses you get at Rich Girls Studio, and it will also influence your course with us. You just have to be able to fit in, to be receptive to what the trainers tell you and to put to work your communicative spirit.

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