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Frequently asked questions about Rich Girls Studio

If I come to an interview, do I also have to audition?

No, there is no audition. The interview is an open discussion with a member of our specialized staff. Special attention will be given to your communication skills. After the discussion, you will be taken on a tour of the Rich Girls Studio and shown how we operate. We will answer all of your questions. You don’t have to give us an answer before you know for sure if you want to take the job or not.

What earning could I expect if I work for Rich Girls?

Starting with the first month we offer you the possibility if earning even 1,000$. It’s all up to you, to your communication skills and whether you are willing to accept the help or our trainers. Also, it depends on your English language level. It will be to your advantage to be able to easily communicate in English. Good looks are also of help, but it’s not obligatory.

Which is the work schedule at the studio?

You will enjoy a flexible schedule, the possibility to work in three shifts which you can choose yourself. You can work for as long as you want, but it’s advisable to have at least 40 hours a week in order to have substantial earnings.

I am a college student and I don’t want to fail my exams. What do I do?

Many of your future colleagues are college students and we have never opposed that. On the contrary, we offer you the possibility that during exam sessions you take time off so as to better prepare yourself for your exams. There’s also the possibility to adapt your work schedule to your college timetable and thus work less hours.

Do you have the possibility of offering accommodations?

Yes, we can also provide this option. We have a number of luxury apartments for our models in the vicinity of the studio. This aspect will be discussed from the beginning so as to facilitate your relocation.

What if my wardrobe is not satisfactory for the job?

Whichever job you may start there always is a period of adjustment during which you find out whether you like it and what to stay or you wish to start looking for something else. For starters we recommend that you choose the clothes that best suit your body. After becoming more experienced, our trainers will help you dress and Rich Girls will help you acquire the clothes that are most comfortable to you.

If I don’t want people to know what I do for a living?

We have several means of insuring the confidentiality. First of all you will not appear on any Romanian site. Second, all your personal information will be secured. All your profile photos and teasers will be done and processed by the studio. Third, Rich Girls is headquartered in an office building with no specific markers.

How will I be paid?

You will get paid twice a month, depending on your earnings. We have a policy of transparency which means that at any given time you can see the number of worked hours, your earnings on specific video chat sites and the commission you will receive. The commission may be between 50% and 80% depending on your activity. You will also receive holiday bonuses, cash rewards for significant earnings, loyalty and recommendation.

Can I choose between the adult and non-adult sections?

Yes, you can choose the section in which you’ll work. But you will receive more details regarding these two sections during the face to face discussions.

If I choose the adult section, do I have to undress?

Please understand that nobody will force you to do something you’re uncomfortable with. It’s all up to you, your inhibitions and your own ways of communicating with people. If you are able to catch people’s attention with discussion topics, smiles and wardrobe, than you don’t have to do anything else. It’s your decision when to start using other methods.

What do I tell my family when they ask about my job?

They say a lot of things about video chat activity, but as time goes by you will also realize that it’s not all true. You will see during the interview and tour of the studio that this is a profession that requires integrity and provides a large number of opportunities and challenges. You should tell your parents the truth, it is actually better this way. Moreover, the your earnings here surpass any wages provided by other Romanian employers.

I’m not 18 yet, but I want to work for Rich Girls. Is that possible?

We don’t hire minors. After you turn 18 you are welcomed to join our studio.

Do I have to come to the studio or can I also work from home?

Taking into consideration that our 14 years of activity on this market has provided us with a good status, we cannot afford to offer our clients anything less that the most professional and best quality services. Working from home may mean unprofessional backgrounds, unsecured networks and not the latest technology on the market. For that reason we only collaborate with girls that are willing to work at the studio.

My boyfriend also wants to do video chat. Is that possible?

We don’t collaborate with representatives of male sex.

I don’t speak very good English. What do you recommend?

You can still come and try but you will soon realize that communication is very important in this field. Still, if you possess the basics of the English language, here you will have the opportunity to improve your skills by always talking to our clients, all of them foreigners. Not everyone speaks perfect English. You can take some lessons and our trainers will also help you get better at communication in English.

What will be the activity field on my contract?

Your contract will say you are working as a date entry operator or online services provider. This contract will in no way affect your scholarship or a second job.

What laws and ordinances regulate video chat services?

Law 196/2003 regarding prevention and control of pornography and Law 496/2004 which modifies and supplements Law 196/2003 and the two laws that we follow and which allow us to prove that we provide clients with legal services, to prove we don’t operate outside the law. Because we are constantly looking to develop our business, win the trust of our partners and not get discredited or start having legal problems, we can assure you that everything we do has a legal basis. There may be some studios that have some legal issues, but that will never happen at the Rich Girls Studio. The contract that you will sign will include a full section regarding the rights and obligations of both parties.

Do a have to be a supermodel?

Video chat is mostly based on communication, on creating a long term online relationship, on catching the client’s eye and on a beautiful smile. Having a great body may help but it’s not a requirement. Moreover you can use the services provided to you by our makeup and hairstyling salon and our trainers experienced advices to improve your appearance.