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RICH GIRLS Bucharest has an experience of over 11 years in the Video Chat Industry

Experienta de peste 11 ani in videochat

RICH GIRLS STUDIO has a name with a particular echo in this industry, this is due to the accumulated experience in the 14 years of existence on the market. We „grew” alongside our customers, we „grew” alongside the technology and innovations that were around us. We have constantly adapted and we have evolved in order to be one of the powerful studios that we have become today. Ever since we began, we have offered seriousness, professionalism and we have covered all of our activities with complete confidentiality. These aspects helped us to be selected by our customers and partners and to have their appreciation.
The above statements above make us very proud, because it is our work that we are talking about and the evolution that we had over these 14 years of existence proves that we have managed to set everything in order to go smoothly. You can be certain that if it goes well for us, it shall also go well for you. Over years we have encountered countless situations that we had to face, even if the turnout was a positive or a negative one.
The experience has also made us to adapt to the customer service, to study its psychology and to manage to anticipate his needs. Our experience in Video Chat will also reflect in your future activity. You need to understand that, from the beginning, you have stepped in a company that has solid managerial principles. It is a company that knows exactly what to demand of you and what to demand from this market.
We are not asking you to know what you will certainly do in the next five years, but you may as well ask us what will we do in the next five years. The answer might surprise you or you may find it to be normal. Whatever the case, we could tell you for certain that we are in a continuously development and we continuously absorb information that propel us to the highest peaks.

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