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Exclusive Location in the town’s center, close to the subway and the bus station

Rich Girls Studio videochat in Bucuresti locatie exclusivista si usor de accesat

We know that for many employees, getting to work can turn out to be a great challenge. For some work places you may change the train, the subway and even the bus to reach at a job that you would not enjoy and that it does not bring you a consistent income. Such a road takes equals time, stress and money. We don’t want you to spend your money, we don’t want you to be angry and we don’t want you to waste your time.
No, not at RICH GIRLS. It’s very simple to reach us wherever you live in Bucharest. Our headquarters is in the central area , near the subway and near the bus station. As we were saying, it is all about easy access.
We want to help you through this aspect, the fact that the location is very accessible. We consider that coming to work in a simple manner will make you enjoy even more what you are doing. It’s important for us to fit in and to comfortable within our team.

When we have chosen this location as headquarters, we thought that productivity will be higher. To enjoy your job you will need a pleasant and calm environment.
I think that, up until now, you have realized how much we want to create the perfect work place for our employees, which means that we care very much about what is happening here and about the quality that we want to provide.

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