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HD Ultra modern Cameras, Developed PCs and professional lights

We like the style and elegance and we like to be chic. We are always updated with the latest trends in technology. Since we are working in a very special field, we (sort of) need to upgrade all our equipment before they become dated. You will work with the latest HD cameras and PCs that have superior technical specifications. These will be helpful when you will show your abilities of communication and when you will socialize. Above the high-tech equipment, you will also have professional lighting that could be personalized to your physical qualities.
The endowment of the studio with the best equipment is necessary to make your work much easier and simpler. You need to know that if you may encounter a problem we have an IT team at your disposal, always ready to interfere to solve it. We are sure that, if you are getting long with an I-Phone, then you will also manage almost any sort of IT gadget.
Technological speaking, the use of a computer is basically following the steps that our IT employee had written. The video and audio programs necessary for video chat are already installed so that you won’t have to do any other modification. If, for some reason, you encounter some problems, or if something just doesn’t work accordingly, all you need to do is to give note to the IT department. Still, we assure you that these kind of situations are extremely rare in our company. To lose contact with the client could mean that our quality standards are pretty low, making him apply to another studio.

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