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Cazare cu Rich Girls Studio

You must have already noticed that Rich Girls Studio is located in an area easily accessible from any part of Bucharest. This facilitates transport to and from work, which is very important, especially in the first months of activity, and beyond. The fact that the studio is easily accessible can mean pretty significant savings for you. If necessary, we offer you the opportunity to live in one of the luxury apartments that Rich Girls Studio has in store.
A luxury apartment near the building where Rich Girls Studio is situated means both greater mobility and a high life style, which will allow you to look at things from a different perspective. You will see what it means to live in a beautifully fitted and equipped apartment, and to lead a life at which you might not have dared to dream. We are sure that the luxury apartment will make you want even more to have your own house, to be able to shape it as you want and turn it into the engine for a much better lifestyle. While your performance will improve, we, together with your trainers, will be there to help you achieve your dreams and purchase your own home at which you started dreaming while living in the luxury apartment we offered you.

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