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Rich Girls Studio has a work schedule based on 3 shifts

Flexibility and availability are two attributes we are proud to possess and offer our models. You will works according to the work schedule you choose, be it the morning, afternoon or night shift. Here at Rich Girls Studio we focus on you and your needs. We believe that you, our models, are the most valuable employees and for that reason you will be treated as such. We only request that you show us your communicative and social side along with a good stage presence.
SEvery week you have the opportunity to choose your own schedule, based on your classes or other issues that you need to solve. Maybe one day you will need to go to the notary and register your new home, or maybe go to your leasing company and take care of the final paperwork on your new car. Whichever the case may be, it means you will need the morning off on a moment’s notice. You have the possibility to adjust your schedule because we adapt to your needs.

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